Self-motivation fuels online learning amid COVID-19

Approximately 15 percent of university students fall into tricky and strange circumstances when it comes to self-motivation especially with the ongoing travel advisories blocking them from going back home. The remaining 85 percent try to work from remote places with no support from campus or their counterparts.

Self-motivation to be the driving force for online learning success

However, with all the disadvantages, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Learners who learn self-motivation will find this a very valuable skill to use now and in the future. The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted people’s routines with many left with mental health issues, wondering the essence of living this life.

People who have self-motivation skills are placed better in making their own life choices which often leads to their productivity and eventually their own happiness. This happens irrespective of whether the task at hand is dull unappealing or repetitive.

The majority of the world population never figure out what motivates them. After all, society has the habit of placing common universal goals for people to aspire towards whether it is impulse buying, societal pressure, and creating huge followership on social media. Moreover,

if people’s psychological needs that span from feeling loved, a sense of belonging, and achieving success were met unequivocally, then people would always feel motivated and energized. The most common ideas that motivate people include the burning desire to experience change, freedom, competition, and justice.

Tests to identify individual self-motivation factors

Anybody who is experiencing lapses on self-motivation should take the following tests. The first test would be the identification of their own desert island thing. If someone would indicate that as their mobile phones, then his motivating factor would be the ability to socialize with other people.

The second test would be to identify the last moment you were flared up with rage when someone shoved you up in front of you in a service awaiting queue then your driving force would be justice and fairness.

Once someone has achieved in the identification of their self-motivation force, then it becomes much easier to remain motivated.

If for example, your self-motivation factor is to make a difference, then you would make a shout out to anyone who is struggling with a certain subject in class and offer to instruct them all the same revising.

Go through academic content with your colleagues

Furthermore, if your self-motivation factor is socializing, them you would prefer to go through academic content with your colleagues at the social media sites like Microsoft teams or zoom all the same entertaining yourselves.

Finally, people who are motivated by competition do so with themselves or others to see if they can beat previous records. Students can also get someone from their class to keep tabs with and ensure they remain on track.

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