Selling of free online learning materials from DepEd Commons punishable by law

DepEd Commons’ free online learning materials are not for sale, and violators will be dealt upon accordingly.

Free online learning materials from DepEd

In line with the proposed distance learning program under the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Learning Continuity Plan (LCP), an online learning platform named DepEd Commons has been launched.

Inside DepEd Commons, users can access a variety of free online learning materials such as workbooks, competency tests, and other resource materials for learning.

Currently, around seven million PH users have been registered under the DepEd Commons platform.  Users can freely download online learning materials that they find useful. The platform has already received numerous positive feedbacks from parents regarding the free online learning materials found in the site.

Unfortunately, information dissemination hasn’t been a strong forte for  DepEd when it comes to their online learning platform. The lack of national information regarding the platform paved the way for some users to monetize the free content from the platform by reproduction and to sell it online.

DepEd warns against illegal reproduction of free online learning materials

DepEd warns online sellers not to use free content from the website to reproduce workbooks meant for selling.

It’s such a shame to see the content from our DepEd Commons platform being sold online by opportunistic individuals.

It has come to the attention of Education Undersecretary Alain Pascua about the selling of online content from DepEd Commons and has issued a statement about using legal action against these online sellers.

We are now consulting with our legal team on how to trace these online sellers and press legal charges against them.

The department is urging the public to help share the good news about the free online learning materials found in DepEd Commons to lessen the cases of parents being scammed into purchasing learning materials that were supposed to be free.