2,800 tech companies to expand hiring in 2020, study reveals

A new study from career site Indeed has revealed that seven out of ten tech companies are planning to expand hiring in the first six months of 2020.

According to the study, the number of openings in tech companies has peaked at the beginning of every year since 2014, and 2020 is no exception.

Notably, to conduct the survey, 2,800 tech company managers were interviewed. 86 percent of these tech companies decision-makers said finding enough people with the right skill set is “challenging.”

They noted that getting the right personnel, especially in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and the database management has proven difficult.

Indeed economist Andrew Flowers explained that the tech companies sector currently has more space to fill up but are notorious for requiring specific.

He noted that to acquire these jobs and thrive in the tech companies world, one needs to be adept in a shifting menu of programming languages, web frameworks, libraries, databases, statistical methods, workflow tools, and platforms.

However, Flowers stated it could be difficult for individual job hunters to find those positions that are well-matched with their skill sets.

The most in-demand tech companies skills

Indeed in it published survey further listings and analyzed the most in-demand tech roles, along with the specific skills it takes to acquire these tech companies’ jobs.

According to Indeed survey, software engineer, and senior software engineer, are the most significant categories of total job available. Notably accounting for over 11 percent of the job openings.

Flower noted that software engineers also need to be experts in “at least one programming language.

Notably, the six languages most mentioned in recent software-engineer job listings are; Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, C#, C, and NET.

Flowers conclusively explained that although one might have all the right skills at the moment, the tech world changes very fast.

He said:

People who want these tech companies’ jobs must be quick and agile about spotting and learning trends and picking up new skills as they go along.

Most widely available IT jobs

Notably, the survey revealed the most commonly available IT jobs currently. Namely;

  • software engineer
  • senior software engineer
  • software architect
  • system engineer developer
  • systems administrator
  • full stack developer
  • technical support specialist
  • front-end developer
  • product manager