Sexual assault narration by an 11th grader in Philippines highlights problem with schools

A student from the Philippines took a bold step by narrating a sexual assault incidence she underwent in her former high school. The narration brought to light the urge of schools to protect sexual predators in schools so as not to tarnish school names.

Many sexual assault victims go through their pain unheard, and when they report instances where their rights were violated and they were abused, they are ignored or ridiculed. The problem is global and has led to powerful movements such as the #metoo movements, which has led to some high profile convictions such as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

However, even with the strides made, victims still go through their pain alone, and with almost zero support from people that are supposed to protect them. If they are courageous enough and report the cases, they face retaliation from powerful forces out to protect their reputations and reputations of the institutions they work in.

Sexual assault claim

The Philippines is no different as narrated by one twitter user, who underwent sexual assault and abuse while she was in 11th grade. The minor, who goes by the name Zaryn Basuel on twitter, narrated how she underwent silencing manipulation and intimidation when she became bold enough to face off with her abuser.

The story starts in Miriam College High School in the Philippines, where Basuel went to school. In a tweeter thread that has since gone viral, she starts by explaining her relationship with her abuser, who happens to be her teacher.


She continued detailing her ordeal on how the teacher started approaching her and asking for favors. She details how the teacher would tell her about his sexual fantasies without worrying about the inappropriateness of the relationship with his student.

When the student tried to put an end to this continuing sexual assault and harassment, she was silenced and nobody, including the school administration, came to her aid. She also displayed screenshots of some of the conversations with the teacher, showing that she had proof that she was being subjected to sexual harassment by the teacher.

Intimidation of victims

However, like many sexual assault and harassment victims, her pursuit of justice was met opposition from people who were meant to protect her.

The story went viral and ignited a discussion around sexual assaults in high schools. More students came forward with their stories, narrating how they had been treated by people in power, who were supposed to protect them. They trended a hashtag #MCHSDOBETTER detailing their plight.

Globally, many cases of sexual assaults go unreported. When reported, victims are humiliated and often fail to get the justice they are looking for.


Featured image by Pixabay