Singapore: Physical Education activities to be allowed, but with restrictions

The Ministry of Education in Singapore is looking to allow Physical Education (PE) activities at school.

Physical Education activities

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Education announced the possible integration of Physical Education activities in the new curriculum. Despite social distancing measures, the ministry wants to incorporate physical activities on the new normal for this academic school year.

The ministry considers Physical Education activities as an essential component of a student’s school experience. A few of the activities that will be included in the co-curricular activities to be allowed are dance classes, art classes, and robotics.

For PE classes, sports with minimal physical activities will be the priority and with additional restrictions. Grouping on sports activities will be limited to five students per group. In addition, minimal contact games include badminton, volleyball, chess, table tennis, and sepak-takraw.

Social distancing and sanitary measures

The ministry reminds the schools to prepare the needed sanitary measures and social distancing guidelines as students are expected to return to school on June 29.

The reopening of classes started last June 2, but still, through distance learning and only graduating students allowed to have rotational physical classes. Phase 2 of Singapore’s school reopening plan will commence today.

Schools should also provide disinfecting materials to students and orient them on regularly wiping out surfaces they made contact with to practice sanitation measures.

Students with family members at the same household will not be allowed to go to school as part of the safety precaution measures. Students will be monitored regularly for their health conditions.

Students will be encouraged to remain in their classroom during their time at school and refrain from mingling with other grade levels and sections.

This will be the new normal in school, and school administrators, staff, and teachers play a big role in ensuring that all guidelines are met.