Foreign Affairs urges Singaporean students to come home due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Singaporean students in international communities are urged to fly back to Singapore ASAP.

Singaporean students studying overseas are being recalled back

To minimize Singaporean casualties of the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has called upon Singaporean students overseas to return to Singapore as early as possible to stay away from additional contamination cases of the virus in foreign countries.

Yesterday, MFA announced in a press briefing its intention to recall all its international students, especially those under the scholarship programs for an overseas internship under the Institute of Higher Learning. Students studying abroad at their own expense are also urged to return but not really under the control of the institution.

According to the MFA:

Countries worldwide are starting to impose travel bans and lockdowns in their respective areas to control the spread of COVID-19. Many universities and colleges internationally have already suspended classes, which makes it a good opportunity for us to recall our citizens back to Singapore, especially those studying abroad.

Precautionary measures for those trapped abroad

The MFA has already arranged with selected airlines to transport Singaporean students back. Flights to Singapore are assigned in major cities to cater to those who are also looking for return flights.

In addition, the MFA has issued safety precautions for those who haven’t booked a flight back to Singapore yet.

  • Continue to maintain proper hygiene as mandated by the local governments in their area
  • Go to the Foreign Affairs website and register an account
  • Follow the guidelines imposed by the Ministry of Health in Singapore
  • Take into consideration possible travel issues to announced cities with flights back to Singapore, and this includes lodging within the area in case of flight cancellation
  • For international students, consult with school administrations for possible access to virtual learning when returning back to Singapore