Skills every engineer should learn in this technological boom

As we get deeper and deeper into the technological era every day, terminologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) have become very common, especially when one is an engineer. Companies are keeping their pace with the day-to-day changes in technology and an engineer in this generation should know these skills. 

Every engineer regardless of their background should have a minimum and fundamental knowledge of computer programming and algorithms. Colleges and universities have credit-based courses which let the student learn languages like Python, Java, R, C++. Having these languages in your arsenal gives you a tremendous benefit in your career.

It is widely accepted that oil is no longer the fuel to run the world. It is data that is running this world. Having data with proper analysis is a goldmine. Multinational companies pay in millions or billions to have access to data. Engineers should be able to understand how data works and how to get something significant out of this.

Having a knack of problem-solving with the combined knowledge of quantitative aptitude and statistics is of major use. In fact, for ML programming, one needs to have an understanding of statistics. 

An engineer should know how to ‘think out of the box’

Being so involved in technology often makes us completely dependent on it. However, an engineer should know how to think beyond the box and should have a decent business understanding. Besides this, one should work on his/her articulation skills. This has helped a lot of people to convey their ideology to all the stakeholders involved.

With all of this, AI and ML are two pieces of technology that are known for disrupting the whole market on a daily basis. Before going randomly for AI/ML programming, one should follow a proper and structured approach. There are hundreds of thousands of available online but they only teach in a limited fashion. 

In this era, the best investment would be to keep enhancing and educating yourself. It is neccessary to adapt to the changes that the technology is bringing into the picture as soon as possible.