Social distancing in schools helps curb Covid-19 spread

Learning institutions that are still open are practicing social distancing in schools, conducting exercises, laying off of uniforms and rolling out temperature checks. This is part of the academe’s response to British Prime Ministers Boris Johnson strict measures on the Covid-19.

School heads have changed the normal students routine to enforce social distancing in schools while following up children who are learning from home to ensure they log online to access educational material. Schools staff are authorized to report to their institutions with the guideline seeing a tutor in Mansfield being halted on his way to school to ensure his trip was essential.

The States Education Unions have asked for clear guidelines to ensure children and instructors that are attending schools remain safe. With guidelines published by the government pertaining to social distancing in schools, parents are prohibited from staying at the institutions gates and the number of students in one classroom is kept largely small.

However, most educationists like Ruth Wilkes, who heads the Castle Newnham in Bedford, still feel that the guidelines are vague. Ruth called for more testing for both staff and the learners. Amidst a shortage of sanitizers in the institutions, staff are considering wearing masks.

Schools resolve to take matters on their hands

Without proper guidelines on how to control the spread of covid19 in schools, most schools have resolved to undertake their own measures like checking temperature and allowing students to attend school in home wear.

In Exeter, Maynard schools students are reporting to school in home clothes and are instructed to wash their hands in liquid soap and water provided in big containers in school.

While maintaining social distance in school, learners are encouraged to participate in Yoga and other sports in the school playing fields.

2 meters of social distancing in schools to curb virus spread

Student numbers have declined since the onset of coronavirus outbreak with Upton Heath School located in Chester recording only half attendance. In high schools, students are learning in small groups allowing a distance of 2 meters between them while getting access to material that their counterparts are getting from home.

In London, a teacher from Sir John Hamlets has reported that the learners are checking their temperatures on arrival as part of the efforts to keep calm amidst the outbreak. Social distancing in school has been effective where the number of children is small.

Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson has applauded teachers for remaining on the frontline in the fight against the virus. He also reiterated that schools should follow the tailored guidelines strictly to ensure the safety and well being of the staff and students.

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