Soft skills; a highly employable trait yet lacking in universities

Research shows that employers also look for soft skills while hiring fresh graduates, skills which many don’t have. There is also a disconnect between what is taught in the universities and what employers are looking for.

Research on the employability of students has shown that most employers agree that a majority of fresh graduates are not employable. There is a disconnect between what is taught in universities and what employers are looking for.

While many universities assess students’ progress on their ability to memorize and retain a given unit, which is then evaluated through tests, soft skills are not given any second thought in the curriculum. There is a disconnect between the education sector and the job market that needs to be addressed if graduates are to become employable.

Soft Skills companies are looking for

Companies are now looking for soft the following soft skills in fresh graduates in order to employ them.

Communication skills

This has become an important requirement for many companies. This is because, in order to be able to convey ideas and collaborate with others in the office, these skills are highly demanded.

Good teamwork

Office work involves a concerted effort by co-workers in order to accomplish a given set of goals. Without the ability to work in a team, fresh graduates find themselves in a fix, where they are not able to work efficiently in an office setting.

Aptitude for solving problems

Providing solutions to problems being experienced by the company is another great skill that is hugely in demand by employers. Employees who can grasp concepts quickly and draw solutions to problems affecting the company are highly regarded in the work environment. They are also highly employable.


The ability to work under minimal supervision and still produce quality work is a commendable skill set that is highly valued by employers. Fresh graduates who possess this ability are highly employable.

Work ethic

Having a professional work ethic is also highly sought out soft skill by employers. Freshmen with skill are able to work hard and deliver what was promised in time.

Disconnect with the education sector

These skills, although highly sought by employers are neither taught in universities nor emphasized enough in universities’ curriculum. This means that these institutions continue churning out graduates who are not employable.


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