SOS Children’s Villages International calls for global aid amid COVID-19 crisis

SOS Children’s Villages International is asking for global support to help poor families worldwide affected by the pandemic.

SOS Children’s Villages International advocates for child support

The largest non-governmental organization focused on supporting children without parental care and families at risk, SOS Children’s Villages International, is asking for financial aid from the international community to reach out to families gravely struggling from the effects of the pandemic and to children with no parents left to look after their welfare.

In a statement from SOS Children’s Villages International president, Siddhartha Kaul, he asked for support from international organizations and individuals in their advocacy to look after the children who needed the utmost care during this crisis.

COVID-19 has no limitations, we are calling for everyone to help us reach out to the less fortunate and to give them hope amid this crisis we are all in.

Support for families at risk worldwide

The organization has its operations in more than 130 countries and localities worldwide. With the vast operations they have, the organization is now calling for financial aid from the international community in order for the continuity of its support for families at risk and abandoned children during the COVID-19 crisis.

Social work is the primary care the SOS Children’s Villages International is known for. They look after children with no parents and families on the verge of falling off.

The organization is hoping to use the financial aid to look after families without income during this pandemic and secure a safe and virus-free shelter for abandoned children.

A lot of families are already having difficulty accessing food, shelter, and clothing, even before the pandemic. With the COVID-19, it just made things even more difficult for them. Social work services like SOS Children’s Villages International is a medium to look after these families, especially at this time when the government is more focused on treating COVID-19 cases.

We are all connected in this pandemic, we should look after one another, especially those children who are in this thing alone.


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