Israel special education schools will start the school year with delay

According to Israel Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz, the temporary government in the country was unable to work out a budget for special education schools, which means lessons there will not begin on time.

Unfortunately, severe budget deficits have made it impossible for special education schools to find enough faculty members to start classes on time.

The lack of funding for special education results in fewer treatment programs and classes, which are usually part of the educational program for children with learning disabilities. 

Budget deficits have also made institutions reduce the number of special education staff members they employ, as there are not enough resources to cover their pay. This means that when the school year eventually begins, children will not be able to benefit from the necessary amount of hours with professional educators and medical staff.

Special education schools

Special education schools are an important aspect of the educational system in any country, and Israel will have to quickly figure out a way to redirect funds towards these institutions.

Many of the more forward-thinking governments are trying to dedicate more time and funding to developing special education. The United Kingdom, for example, recently announced that the SEND program would help fund more than ten new special education schools across the country. 

Considering the fact that children with special learning needs require more attention and professionally trained teachers, budget cuts and deficits can do irreparable damage to the whole educational system 

To avoid a crisis in special education, Israeli government members and policymakers should rethink their budgeting for the sector.