SpringRole blockchain engineer narrates his experience as a developer

Working for SpringRole has been a life-changing experience for George M Jacob, a software engineer who joined the company in January 2018 as an intern.

In an internal interview with the company that showcases the roles members play in the company, he explained his journey, what working in the company meant for him and his role as a blockchain engineer in the company.

SpringRole Company profile

SpringRole is a recruiting company that uses blockchain to verify resumes and showcase them for job seekers and employers using blockchain. Users are also able to upload their resumes, create customizable resumes and get endorsements from employers listed on the site.

Jacob was hired full time as a blockchain developer in July 2018, having worked as an intern for months in the company. He explained his favorite part about working on his current job was the ability to work in an open-source community where his work was more focused on taking the blockchain technology mainstream.

Working environment

At SpringRole, he is able to meet equally talented groups of developers with the same vision as his through organized hackathons and cooperation with other companies such as Portis. Working with people willing to learn new technologies and deliver products that improve users’ blockchains experience has been a significant part of George’s working in the company.

Asked about his development team, he said they were highly motivated people who work together to deliver quality products. He also highlighted that collaboration has been a central part of the team, noting that he may not be an expert in all things but working on the team ensures tasks are completed with ease and quality.

Advice to other developers

Advising other blockchain developers, he urged them to analyze critically the blockchain technology by ignoring the hype and going after technologies that will have a long-term impact. He also urged developers to get involved in blockchain communities. He argued this would help the developers meet like-minded people and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to blockchain technology.


Featured image by Pixabay