Strict social distancing measures should be considered as classes resume soon

As the reopening of physical classes gets closer, social distancing measures should be part of the top priorities.

Singapore on lockdown

The sudden rise of COVID-19 cases in Singapore a week ago, the government has imposed a strict lockdown in the country as a circuit breaker in the spread of the virus. Several business establishments were forced to close as the lockdown take effect. Establishments selling essentials like food and medicine are still operational, given that they follow strict social distancing with their customers.

Meanwhile, classes in Singapore was expected to resume earlier prior to the announcement of the lockdown. Now, school officials are resorting to distance learning to ensure student’s good health and safety.

A lot of parents and students got disappointed with the extended class suspensions in Singapore due to the sudden lockdown. Distance learning, though, might sound easy, is a bit boring and unconventional for most students and parents.

Some parents are having a hard time monitoring their children’s progress while homeschooling because most of them are also working from home. Their attention is divided, leaving less attention on how their child is performing during online classes.

Social distancing inside classrooms

Minister for Secondary Education, Indranee Rajah, mentioned about the possible resumption of classes to be scheduled by June 2 in accordance with the lockdown that will end by June 1.

Prior to the resumption of classes, school and education officials must ensure that all schools are properly disinfected, and social distancing will remain as an important protocol within the campus and inside classrooms.

Indranee also noted that students coming from unprivileged families should undergo a thorough assessment and possible remedial classes, to keep up with those who had access to distance learning during the lockdown.

In addition, students that were intentionally missing online classes will also be assessed and questioned for such behavior during the extent of the distance learning program. It was noted that several students with the capacity to access distance learning classes are intentionally skipping class, doing other activities not related to school affairs.


Featured image by The Straits Times