Student centered learning distinguishes Croatian Universities from the rest of the world

Croatian universities are known for their student-centered approach in teaching, instilling autonomy and independent learning among students.

The brand of Croatian Universities

One interesting factor that most international students look for in studying abroad is the cultural and historical background of the country. Geographical aesthetics attracts tourists but a country’s history is what attracts scholars.

Luckily, Croatia meets all the geographical, cultural, and historical pleasantries. Educational potency wise, the country does also has a lot to be proud of.

As a member of the Erasmus Plus program, Croatian universities are expected to bear the same quality standards that other European countries offer. The Erasmus Plus program is a program facilitating quality standards in education, training, and sports for countries under the European Union circle.

A unique approach to learning

As part of the Erasmus Plus program, it is expected that the quality of education follows European standards, especially on international students.

Some might automatically seek after big names in European education like the U.K., Italy, and Germany as first choices. These are the conventional destinations that international students usually go after.

But according to Branka Ramljak, state secretary of the Ministry of Science and Education in Croatia,

They tend to overlook Croatia. Croatian universities also offer high-quality education in line with the guidelines of the European education standards. Also to be noted is that the cost of education in Croatia is relatively lower as compared to other European universities

What separates Croatian learning is the student-centered approach. Most universities follow the textbook style, but here, students are taught in a way that suits their preferred learning style.

Here, students are taught to develop independence and autonomy.

Global  Adaptability

As part of the government’s way of enticing more international students, Croatian universities provided language courses for foreign students. As of now, five languages are being used in teaching in universities – English, German, Croatian, Italian, and Hungarian.

Unexpectedly, the majority of international students enrolled in Croatia are just from neighboring European countries like Spain, Bosnia, Slovenia, Germany, France, Italy, and Poland.

Living in Croatia

Life in Croatia is peaceful and harmonious. Safety is a major concern for most international students, the community in Croatia is known to be peaceful and hospitable. Living in a country far away from home makes it hard for international students, but in Croatia, you won’t miss home since it already feels like home.