Student internship in Singapore: Helping fellow students by bridging connections

A student from Yale-NUS compiled around 300 student internship vacancies to help fellow students affected by COVID-19.

Scarcity of student internships

Due to COVID-19, a lot of international students were greatly affected. In Singapore, they recalled all their international students when the pandemic snowballed worldwide. A lot of scholarships, student internships, and international grants were paralyzed out of the pandemic.

A student from Yale-NUS made the initiative to help out fellow students caught in the difficulty of finding internship programs during this pandemic. Adriel Yong, compiled over 300 different student internship vacancies he had gathered from linking connections over the internet and social media platforms. Singaporean international students from the UK, the US, and Australia

According to Yong, recalling international students due to the pandemic resulted in a halt of their internship programs. Yong thought of asking start-up companies in Singapore if they are interested in hiring interns, and word of mouth spread vastly in social media.

As the list grew in numbers, Yong started to post on LinkedIn. In a few day’s time, the connections grow even more with Carousell, and the Global Network in  Singapore started to get involved, creating more student internships.

Yong’s spreadsheet has already helped quite a few international students in Singapore, which are recalled from their universities out of the pandemic. As it continuously circulates the internet, more companies will be able to fill in listings, and more students will be able to find available listings to apply for.

Cash Assistance and students internship programs

The student union at Nanyang Technological University founded a web portal where students can access internship listings that would fit the experience they need for their course.

Student union president Bryan Chiew was able to contact small businesses to large companies to take part in their internship program. In addition, the student union also offers one-time financial assistance of $250 to qualified undergraduates under the internship program.

Students are helping each other out to emerge victorious academically despite the mishaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.