Students mourn chaos in Hong Kong

Protests have been soaring as students voiced concerns that the freedoms of people in Hong Kong are being eroded by the “two systems, one country” structure.

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. In 1997, the “two systems, one country” formula was incorporated upon Hong Kong’s return to mainland China.

Beginning June, protests erupted in Hong Kong after a bill that was to permit the extradition of criminals for trial in mainland China was proposed. This bill, however, has been suspended.

Since June 2019, Pun, a twenty-two (22) year old Hong Kong student, started creating barricades and casting stones at the police. 

This is contrary to his previous character of a peaceful student. Pun asserts that his retaliatory stance is sparked by the eventual loss of his freedom to fight. 

Despite Hong Kong being of the safest cities in the globe, it has become ungovernable for the last eleven weeks since the protests began as students and teachers took to the streets. 

Violence has emerged to be an ideal form of political expression in Hong Kong. Additionally, peaceful protests have also been taking place. 

Violence engulfs Hong Kong

Pun ascertains that violence should not be a response to violence. Nevertheless, he has been forced by circumstances to be part of aggressive demonstrators as this will attract the government’s attention. 

Interestingly, Pun made this revelation after an overnight confrontation with police at Hong Kong’s airport. 

He also stipulates that he has had no choice other than to carry out unorthodox means as the government has become oppressive. For instance, he proclaims that he has thrown rocks and protected others by being their shield.

Pun has also been a victim of retaliatory police acts as he has been hit with batons. Despite his resilience, he revealed that he felt scared sometimes because being hit with a rubber bullet is inevitable. 

Suspended bill sparks Hong Kong protests

The unrest has been fueled by determined protesters who have been donning goggles, masks, and helmets.

An interesting sidelight last Saturday, a thousand teachers took to the streets to protest stultifying government passivity contrasted with alleged police brutality inflicted on students.

The protest against the city’s extradition bill crisis appears far from being resolved on its eleventh week.

Additionally, well-crafted strategies have been orchestrated, whereby the frontliners in the protests are supplied with protective gear. 

Protests have emerged in various nations based on distinctive issues. 

For instance, in Nigeria, university workers have given an ultimatum about a roaming strike because of delayed salary payments for a couple of months. Moreover, Swaziland teachers have protested because of an educational crisis based on low employment rates.