Students brand Edinburgh University as most Expensive Prison in the world

The low quality of food and accommodation provided to Edinburgh University students has made them start a protest campaign on social media in which they have labeled their school as the most expensive prison in the United Kingdom.

The school was said to have been serving her college students with food that was filled with junk or, in some cases, serving students food that they might be allergic to. The school has also been accused of forgetting to give students food as and when due.

Because of the above reasons, some Edinburgh University students have resorted to asking their parents to help send in fresh groceries like vegetables and fruits so that they can eat better foods.

Edinburgh University accepts it is not doing enough

When the BBC reached out to Edinburgh University for comments, the school admitted that there had been situations when it has been unable to meet her students’ needs and requests; however, solutions were proffered immediately to those cases.

The school further highlighted its commitment to ensure its students’ comfort and welfare. It says that there are staff members who are always on the ground to help the students cater to their needs in their isolation residences. 

Students of Edinburgh University not alone with their complaints

Students of other universities have also had cause to complain about the quality of services being rendered to them by their universities.

University of York for example charges its students £70 for a daily meal, while £170 is charged if a student wants to be fed three times daily by the school.

A student from the University of Birmingham had also accused the University of forcing her to spend her weekly allowances on ready-made meal boxes.

Lancaster University has also had to face a barrage of accusations that it has been trying to take advantage of self-isolating students, especially when it comes to food delivery. Presently, at least a thousand people have signed a petition against the university.

Like Edinburgh University, the University of Nottingham has also admitted that its earlier catering process for its students might have been inadequate. However, the Institution claims its staff are actively looking into a new way of meeting the demands of students.