Putting students in small groups as classes set to resume in September

They are putting students in small groups to maintain accountability when classes resume.

Students in small groups

As the government plans to fully reopen class in September, accountability measures are being planned in order to maintain a safe environment for both students and school staff.

One of the plans suggested by the Department for Education (DfE) is to come up with a bubble system, and there will be an assignment of students in small groups that will be effective in every subject and activity they have at school.

Putting students in small groups will help school staff monitor students better and classify them in case someone shows symptoms of the virus.

Teachers acknowledge the hardship of observing social distancing in younger students, which is why putting students in small groups will at least restrict their interaction with other students in a class.

Teachers are also reminded to refrain from having face-to-face interaction with their students. Always maintain a safe distance when dealing with younger students. Seating arrangements will also be revised to exhibit social distancing in classrooms.


School buses will not cater to the one-meter apart ruling for social distancing due to the number of students to be catered. However, sanitary measures will be imposed on students riding school transport.

School attendance is a must. Delinquent students will be subjected to fines and disciplinary actions if the reason is found out to be insignificant.

Even students with existing medical conditions are required to attend school once the rate of COVID cases in the area is minimal.

Attending to the disadvantaged

Disadvantaged students during the lockdown are left behind academically. Schools will come up with solutions such as makeup classes on weekends and extended class hours for disadvantaged students to catch up.

Class activities

Vocal classes and music lessons involving wind operated instruments are discouraged. Physical Education classes are allowed, but sports with physical contact are still discouraged.

This will be part of the new normal students will encounter as schools reopen in the UK.