Students with disability to receive A$1.6bn in a new state of Victoria funding

The number of students with disability receiving government support in the state of Victoria is expected to double as the government looks set to introduce a A$1.6 billion package for funding the students.

Reports indicate that the upcoming state budget will include the package, which will see increased funding for the students with disability. The funding is also expected to create more than 1,700 jobs across the state by 2025. 

Funding for students with disability

The total number of students expected to benefit from this project is projected to be about 55,000, representing 8 percent of all students in government schools in the state of Victoria. The program is expected to be rolled out in more than 100 schools across the state and will be responsible for identifying students with disabilities and enrolling them in the program.

The funding also has A$102.9 million that will go into hiring and supporting school staff that will be responsible for taking care of the students with disability. The money is expected to hire an extra 100 school staff into the program.

James Merlino, Victoria’s Education Minister, indicated that the program was expected to overhaul how the students with disability are supported in the state. He continued by saying that they expected the number of students supported by the program to double through reaching out to students who had previously not been captured by the current system due to lack of funds.

Merlino also indicated that all schools are expected to receive extra funding to help them assist students with disability in the state.

The number of students is expected to double because in the current system, students who suffer from dyslexia, autism and complex behaviors are not captured. This means that, although the current system helps over 20,000 students, many students who require help go without support.

Merlino was also quick to note that the overhaul was due to the realization that the current system was failing many students who really need help. He assured everyone that the program would ensure that every student who needs help will be getting it.


Featured image by Pixabay