SUK affiliated colleges require small fee for academic causes

Affiliated colleges of the Shivaji University, Kolhapur (SUK) in were asked to collect fees from its students in India.

A circular was announced last month about charging the small cost of twenty-five Indian rupees (25 INR) in each student who’s enrolled for the academic year 2019 to 2020 in the field of arts, sciences, and commerce. 

For those who take the law, education, management, and physical education (PE) is required to compensate for fifty Indian rupees (50 INR). One hundred Indian rupees (100 INR) is directed to be collected from students who are in their engineering, medical and technology studies.

A SUK official stated regarding the circular:

“A lead college is expected to lead the entire process of total quality management of the cluster. The primary function of a lead college is to collect and update all information regarding higher education. The changes in the field of science and technology, research and recent policies are the major fields of information on which the lead colleges will consistently have to keep an eye on.”

The goal of the said circular is to use the gathered funds for organizing academic activities and workshops necessities according to the lead college’s authority. The initiative is expected to be reached and completed by August 5. As the school official has said:

“The colleges in a cluster can obtain proper and relevant guidance in this regard from its lead college. SUK has around twenty (20) lead colleges across Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts.

Established in 1962, SUK is known to be one of the oldest yet leading educational institutions which earned the forty-fourth (44th) place in the overall universities rank in India.