Supreme Court ruling favors religious option

A Supreme Court ruling decision has been granted in favor of a United States of America citizen that will allow her to use a scholarship offered by the state to send her children to a Christian school in Montana.

With this ruling, the choice school advocates and Donald trump will be basking in the euphoria of victory. As of last week, Trump mentioned that school choice is a thing that should be adopted now, in the next ten years and the future beyond.

After the ruling, most ranking officials have given a positive review after the new Supreme Court ruling allows states to enact choice programs that include the religious option.

Supreme Court ruling allows states to include a religious option

With the ruling going in favor of the mother, it removes a core barrier to education and gives the opportunity of learning to families across the country, Scott Bullock noted.

It should be noted that Scott Bullock was the legal representation of the plaintiff in the case. Another senior attorney in the Institute of Justice, Tim Keller, noted that times like this call for new policies as policymakers can now make moves to change unfavorable policies.

The Chief Justice, in the case, John Roberts, mentioned that there was no backing of any ramification that supported the fact that schools with the religious background cannot be removed from enjoying government aids.

In the said case, Kendra Espinoza, who coincidentally is the plaintiff, and a few other families, noted that the state showed a hard stance or nonchalant attitude after they blocked funds for being used for a religious school, to wit:

In the case, lead plaintiff Kendra Espinoza, alongside two other families, argued the state took a hostile, rather than neutral, stand toward religion when it invalidated the scholarship program — as opposed to letting the funds be used at a religious school. The state’s action, according to the plaintiffs, violated the free exercise, equal protection and establishment clauses of the First Amendment. 

After the Supreme Court ruling allows states to enact choice programs that include a religious option, Kendra Espinoza and the parties involved will be breathing a sigh of relief.

Supreme Court decision massive victory, Espinoza says

The state previously made its stance known that it won’t allow the funds to go to schools with a religious background. According to the plaintiff, the state violated their right to free and equal establishment going by the first amendment.

After the ruling in their favor, Espinoza called it a massive victory for all the families involved and specifically said that her daughters were thrilled and took to dancing when they heard the news.

After the ruling, the set of people intent on protecting the public school’s interests were outraged. They “blasted” the decision due to the declining tax of revenues in recent months since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Betsy DeVos, a renowned U.S secretary, has said that the states are splitting the federal government COVID-19 help funds with private schools.

The Supreme Court ruling sets the precedent for states to enact choice programs that include religious options, allowing every student in America to exercise their right to a choice of school and use of scholarship funds granted by the state.