Around 2,500 students from an Elite Swiss Hospitality Management School placed on quarantine

More or less 2,500 students from an Elite Swiss Hospitality Management School have been quarantined over the COVID-19 outbreak in Vaud.

Students from an Elite Swiss Hospitality Management School placed on lockdown

The L’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL), considered one of the best hospitality schools worldwide placed on lockdown, and with more than 2,500 of its students placed on quarantine. The Elite Swiss Hospitality Management School has advised its students to remain at home or inside campus residences as the COVID-19 cases in Vaud, Switzerland surges. The surge of COVID-19 cases in the area has been attributed to the several private parties which students from EHL have participated in. According to school officials, it will be hard to trace the students involved in the partying, which is why they are imposing the quarantine to 2,500 of its students. In the meantime, the following students will be on self-isolation until September 28. If anyone shows any symptoms after the set date, new guidelines will be imposed, as well as a thorough contact tracing.

The EHL maintains to be on top of its league despite the emergence of similar less expensive hospitality schools in parts of Asia.

The government prohibits large gatherings

The government has released a mandate to stay away from mass gatherings, parties, and unnecessary activities involving a large number of people. With the source of the outbreak being traced back to private parties conducted by college students in the area, the government issues a temporary closure of all disco bars in Vaud. Masks are compulsory when out in public, and establishments shall be allowed to accommodate more than 100 people all at the same time, or depending on the establishment’s floor area.

Switzerland had better figures during the first wave of the pandemic despite being close to high-risk countries like Italy.