Tamil Nadu blockchain infrastructure plan to revolutionize government services

The government of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has unveiled new technology plans that include the usage of blockchain for streamlining government services. Tamil Nadu chief minister Edapaddi K. Palaniswami indicated that they will use an ethical blockchain policy in their implementation.

The state government will also implement other technologies such as Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity policies. Palaniswami said they were working on making the state a center for IT and IT-enabled services in India.

Tamil Nadu service improvements using blockchain

The Chief Minister indicated the blockchain project will be a Knowledge Proof Identity Based Services Delivery Project that will revolutionize how the state government interacts and provides services to its citizen. The minister continued by saying that the blockchain technology will help eliminate the need for middlemen in government service delivery, implementing a Government to Citizen (G2C) service delivery, which will be much faster and effective.

The minister also indicated that the blockchain project will make use of the State Family Database (SFDB) and Blockchain Backbone infrastructure. This will be able to provide a singular source of truth for all governments, which is anticipated to create curiosity and increase usage of the technology in the state.

The launch of blockchain technology in Tamil Nadu showed the government willingness to integrate the latest technology to serve its citizens. It also called on other investors and around the country to come to the state, indicating a willingness to work and collaborate with them in advancing the technology in the state.

In India, the penetration of cryptocurrency has not been as smooth as the acceptance of blockchain technology. For years, the selling and buying of cryptocurrencies has long been considered legal although cryptocurrencies could not be used as legal tenders in the country.

But recently, the Indian government has been looking into ways in which they can change the laws and ban the trading of cryptocurrencies in the country. A bill is expected to be tabled in parliament this year that will see an end to the trading of cryptocurrencies in the country.


Featured image by Pixabay