Tax-exemption for schools and universities under scrutiny from the Trump Administration

A warning shot has been by the Trump Administration to universities that enjoy tax-exemption to stop promoting leftist propaganda in their schools or else they lose this status. President Trump also complained about the lack of following the Public Policy Act by these universities.

Colleges and universities have come under scrutiny by the Trump administration after President Trump indicated that he was considering reviewing the tax-exemption status they currently enjoy. This comes amidst growing concerns on the safety of the Trump Administration’s push to reopen all schools in the fall, a move some universities have been hesitant to implement.

As a policy, the Trump Administration has also indicated plans to deport international students who will not be having in-person classes, in a directive that was issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE). The move has since been challenged in court by both Harvard University and Massachuttes Institute of Technology.

Tax-exemption for universities threatened

In a tweet directed to these universities, President Trump said, many universities and colleges had become breeding grounds where students are indoctrinated to radical left agenda. He continued by saying he was directing the treasury to take a look at the tax-exemption privilege these institutions enjoy and any funding that might be going to them.

The statement continued by saying the funding and the tax exemption status will be withheld if these schools continue with their leftist propaganda and acting against the Public Policy Act. Trump continued by saying these measures would ensure that children sent to these schools are educated and not indoctrinated.

The tax-exemption status is enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which falls under the Treasury Department. These institutions are classified as 501(c)(3) organizations giving them the privilege of getting tax-exemption.

The Trump Administration is focused on ensuring all schools are reopened in the fall, with Betsy Devos, the Education Secretary, emphasizing the importance of reopening these schools. President Trump has also been on the forefront championing for the reopening of schools in the fall, going as far as threatening to withhold funding to states and school districts which do not reopen in the fall.


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