Teach children screen time autonomy; parent advisory

Richard Ryan, one of the most cited researchers when it comes to human behavior, believes that if a child insists too much for the screen time, sit with them, explain to them how they are losing their precious time, where they could be playing or swimming with their friends.

Parents of the new generation should all try their children to be smart and determined. They need to make them focused. However, in today’s digital world, the word focus is lost somewhere. Not only young kids, but even the adults are distracted.

Soon, a parent has to realize that their kid needs to have the control, rather than being controlled and persuaded by someone or something, because that is how they can build their future.

In this century, the ability to not get distracted can be considered the most important skill and this is one skill that most of the parents don’t teach. Even tech giants like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have limited the amount of time their kids and the family can spend on electronic gadgets.

Kids need autonomy of screen time

A parent should be able to teach their kids to take charge of their own life and time, let them strategize themselves, how are they going to do things. They will not succeed in the first attempt but gradually you will see the progress. This is the best gift a parent can give.

Give the kids autonomy from their young age. Monitor them closely, but let them choose how much of the time they want to spend on the screen and how much for the other activities. Soon you’ll see how efficient they have become in their daily activities and without being forced into it.

Next time when you are not around, you need not worry as your kid has learned to take responsibility and you won’t need to keep an eye on them again and again.