Teacher protection bill filed in Philippine senate

After a recent viral issue about student disciplinary actions in school, Philippines Senator Grace Poe filed the teacher protection bill.

Teacher protection in the Philippines

The talk about teacher protection was on the table after a local online radio commentary had one of its episodes going viral, where a parent complained against a teacher for disciplining her child.

Local online radio commentary “Tulfo in Action” had that episode titled MOMMY, IPINA-TULFO ANG PASAWAY NA TEACHER NG KANYANG ANAK (Mother, Went to Tulfo to complain about her child’s unruly teacher)”.

Teacher Protection Act

PHILIPPINES – In support of public teachers and personnel undergoing administrative and criminal charges in relevance to child disciplinary actions, Philippines Senator Grace Poe filed a bill at the Senate last Monday.

The Senate Bill no. 1189 also known as the “Teacher Protection Act”, obliges the Department of Education to provide needed protection, not limited to legal assistance and representation to teachers and school personnel facing charges related to student disciplinary actions.

In a side note from the bill, Sen. Grace Poe pointed out to the following concerns:

The ambiguity of permissible actions of a teacher towards student discipline and classroom management hurts the school system.

The senator pointed out the lack of institutional training provided by the Department of Education to educate and inform teachers with the right strategies in handling student-behavioral problems at school.

The Teacher Protection Act also includes the provisions for preservice and in-service training for teachers on child behavior and psychology, correct disciplinary methods, and effective classroom management.

False accusations and malicious intent

The bill also calls for disciplinary actions against students and parents who maliciously accuse teachers and school staff on the grounds of child abuse.

With the Republic Act No.7610 “Special protection of children against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination Act”, in effect, the Teacher Protection act shall have its exceptions. As long as it is under the disciplinary rules and procedures by the Department of Education, it will not be child abuse in context.

The Department of Education shall also provide one guidance counselor for every 200 students in public schools and requite private sectors to do the same, both primary and secondary schools.


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