Teacher uses an unorthodox exam type to gauge learning

A teacher uses an unorthodox exam style to test her students’ progress.

An unorthodox exam style

Students are customed to the traditional exams where the teacher provides the questions, and the students answer them. But, a teacher from Iloilo City, Philippines, tries to break this habit by employing an unorthodox exam style.

Answers were given on the exam, while the students provide in their own words a suitable question for the given answer. The strategy the teacher implied is quite unusual and tricky. The instructions didn’t even mention that there are a right and definite answer. As long as the question is sensible enough to describe the answer, then a student gets two points for it.

The teacher who tried this tricky examination is JP Peñol, who hails from Iloilo City, Philippines. Peñol used to be the former Commissioner at the Office of the President for the National Youth Commission (NYC).

The teacher gladly obliged to give us a slight peek on how the actual exam looked like. As you can see in the image below, it’s one exam that will certainly work your brains out.


The unorthodox exam

The unorthodox exam

Reason Behind the exam

According to Peñol, he came up with that style of exam to stimulate his student’s creative thinking.

As we can see from traditional exams, there is a tendency that students get a little complacent and lazy when it comes to studying. In exams with a multiple-choice question, some get the benefit of getting the right answer just by guessing from the choices.

If we want our students to relinquish their study habits, we as teachers must devise ways to make them do so. It might be convenient at my end while checking since I have to read every question if it really makes sense and with relevance to the answers given.

But, as an advantage, teachers can quickly sort out students who are paying attention in class, the ones with good study habits, and even assess those who have difficulty in analysis and comprehension.

Peñol’s unorthodox exam-style gained praises from on social media. Many believe that it is a good way of testing the students if they really do understand what was taught to them in class.