Teachers breakdown: Triggered by society?

Teachers have been considerably failed by society and as a result, teachers breakdown incidence can be the reason a lot of professionals are shunning this career option. 

In the United States, nearly one (1) in every five (5) teachers holds a second job in any academic year. This trend is worrying because this number represents eighteen percent (18%) of the entire teaching workforce.

Teachers’ remuneration has fallen

After inflation adjustments, the wages given to any public school teacher have dropped by over one percent (1.7%). 

Additionally, the annual average pay for teachers stands at just over sixty thousand dollars (US$60,000). Consequently, thirty-one percent (31%) of them get less than forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) yearly.

According to Dana Goldstein, an educational reporter working for The New York Times, teachers’ expectations have considerably risen, but this does not commemorate with their pay. 

As a result, they have become discouraged because incredible financing is fundamental in anybody’s life and teachers are not an exemption. 

Teachers breakdown is a consistent problem

Goldstein asserted that the low remuneration among teachers in the US has been a challenge from the early 1800s, whereby most of them were male. 

Goldstein also noted that respect for teachers has dwindled over the years, and this can be depicted by the strikes witnessed as they are not just about the pay.

For instance, some arguments have been presented that the low-intellectual capabilities of some teachers were to blame for low test performance for students. This negative stereotype against teachers has been detrimental, as some of them have felt unappreciated.

The manner in which American society is failing teachers can be depicted by the actuality that many states are worried about the alarming rate of teachers’ shortage

This trend has been sparked as teaching is not being favored by many students at institutions of higher learning. Moreover, the already trained and educated teachers are leaving this profession at a high rate.