Early summer holiday return angers teachers and unions in the UK

Teachers and teachers union have opposed a proposal calling for an early summer holiday return in August for the September school reopenings. This is after a bipartisan call by all parties calling for assurances that the schools will run to full capacity when they finally reopen in the summer.

The initial plan was to have a four-week school return before the students break for the summer holidays. However, the Educaiton Secretary, Gavin Williamson, bungled the plan, and the plan was overrun by other dissenting voices, leading to a failure in students returning to schools before the break.

Williamson’s handling of the return to school post coronavirus restrictions has led to many in Downing Street doubting if he is the right person for the job. A senior source indicated that the doubts on his ability started to emerge after the chaotic handling of the teachers union, which led them to have their own way. The source, in an interview with the Guardian, said people in Downing Street know how to approach the teachers union if anything is to pass, something they could not find in Williamson.

Early summer holiday return opposition

The planning of the second phase of return to school in September is already underway with calls of teachers’ early summer holiday return gaining momentum. The plan also involves calling retired teachers to fill out positions left by teachers who might contract coronavirus and end up isolating.

The early summer holiday return, however, has not been received well by teachers who see the move as a lack of proper planning. Unions have angrily dismissed these calls and asked their members to reject such calls.

The September reopening will see reduced scrutiny on social distancing after scientists indicated that they would be okay to reduce the current 2-meter social distancing rule to one meter. Classes are also expected to run in full capacity, and the government will provide personal protection equipment to students to ensure their safety is guaranteed once the schools reopen.


Featured image by Pixabay