Teacher’s racist chat group enrages parents in Alabama

In a small Alabama town, parents were in outrage after a racist chat group of teachers was exposed in public.

Racist chat group leaked

Students and parents from a small town in Alabama are in outrage after a chat group of teachers was exposed containing hateful and racist comments.

The chat conversation was filled with racial slurs targetted to students, discrimination jokes, and dumb comments on students.

Named “Bad A B’s”, the chat group belongs to several teachers at a high school in Ashford, Alabama. The most recent conversation was about a teacher speculating one of the students in the class was pregnant. Other teachers jokingly replied how come a pregnant student who rarely talks isn’t considered smart.

One teacher quoted;

I guess she mime sex?

Another part of the conversation was towards a male student referred to as “racial slur”;

That racial slur is so slow that he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

How did the conversation leak?

The chat group conversation was exposed by a student from that same school. He discovered the existence of the chat group when a teacher asked him to keep the phone during school hours.

The student screen recorded the contents of the chat group and sent it out to others. He even sent copies to several TV stations.

Right after the leaked video circulated within the community, parents and students gathered inside Ashford High School premises to express their disgust and outrage.

Some parents were terrified to found out that some of the teachers in the chat group were those they least expect to take part in such a disgusting act.

The student in the convo who was labeled as “racial slur” also spoken out his sentiments:

I know who that teacher was, but I wasn’t expecting her to use that language on me.

I don’t like this school period. They are racist, these folks are disgusting.

After the incident, many similar testimonies from parents, guardians, and students came out.

One of the student’s aunt shared;

This racial discrimination was already present even at my time here in Ashford High. It’s upsetting that it continues up until now.

One parent also commented regarding the “racial slur” incident:

The teacher might be thinking, I’m not going to protect this student the way I’m going to defend the others.

Disciplinary action is needed

The Houston County School superintendent decided to suspend the teachers involved in the controversial racist chat group.

Superintendent Davis Swell said in an interview:

They have to explain themselves before the county board of education this coming Monday.

For the parents in Ashford High, the suspension isn’t sufficient. They should be fired. They are not fit as “good examples” for the students.


Featured image by Houston County Schools