Teachers’ Union objects to planned early reopening of schools in the UK

A cohort of teachers’ union is against the early reopening of schools in the UK.

Teachers’ union, against early school reopening

A group of teachers’ union in the UK is calling out the government to block the plan of reopening schools as early as June 1. The cohort even mentioned about the government’s lack of knowledge on the extent of transmission of the coronavirus in children.

School administrators are also objecting to the notion of reopening schools as early as June 1 without even giving them ample time to make preparations for the return of students.

As much as possible, school administrators and staff want to ensure the health and safety of the students, and this is why they are objecting to the plan of an early reopening.

The concerns over social distancing, especially in students at a younger age, are inevitable. Even with a class of 15, as proposed by the Department for Education (DfE), it will be hard to impose social distancing on active little kids, which might even lead to transmission in asymptomatic cases.

Reopen schools so parents can go back to work

On the other hand, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has been singled out due to his reason behind the need to reopen schools this early.

Reopening of classes in essential for parents to be able to resume work, which is badly needed by the economy right now.

Williamson’s s suggestion is to limit 15 students per classroom and introduce a phased returning scheme. In the phased scheme, students will alternately go to school to limit the possibilities of contamination.

But, the teachers’ union pointed out the lack of studies in the transmission of COVID-19 to children. They fear that children might be asymptomatic and might have been contaminated if parents go back to work, which in turn can be easily transmitted to school staff and teachers as children go to school.