Tech companies call for regulation on face recognition

Many of the largest tech companies, including Microsoft, have called for strict regulation of the use of facial recognition software. 

While many people find it useful to be able to unlock their phones by face identification, others are becoming increasingly concerned about the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). Some of the most recent developments of AI have made it possible for simple street cameras to perform face identification functions.

Tech companies have a point

Considering the fact that tech giants are always looking to boost business and sales, and even they are recommending stricter monitoring of facial recognition software, means that there is a serious need for that. 

Recent cases of the misappropriation of facial recognition technology include the use of images by the Swedish Skelleftea Municipality, which used students’ biometric data in violation of GDPR laws.

Another concerning use of face recognition software was reported around London’s biggest railway station King’s Cross. According to reports, a private contractor had installed facial recognition software for cameras in the area, without placing the appropriate notification messages. 

Following this incident, the UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham claimed that she would be taking a closer look into the way both law enforcement and private companies use facial recognition.

Regulating the use of face identification software is becoming a necessity, as technology develops, and brings forward more uses of such programs. Unfortunately, while such software has a number of benefits, it can be grossly misused, in order to violate the privacy of people around the world.