Things to know about modular learning

How does the Department of Education’s modular learning program works?

Blended learning in the Philippines

Public schools in the Philippines are set to reopen on October 5, 2020, given that there will be no face-to-face classes involved, and instead will be full blended learning. Blended learning is a non-physical method of delivering education to students in the Philippines. It involved online learning, mass media broadcast, and modular learning. In online learning, students can access all the lessons, workbooks, and weekly plans via the Department of Education’s web-based online platform, the DepEd Commons. Meanwhile, mass media broadcast and modular learning go hand-in-hand. In mass media broadcast, a number of local television and radio channels will air school lessons on assigned schedules per grade level. Though broadcasting lessons can be helpful, it will be pointless if we don’t include modular learning.

What is in modular learning?

The DepEd’s modular learning seems to be the most vital and well funded among the components of blended learning. This is the best option available for students who are having difficulties in maintaining a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the online learning classes. In this option, students can access all the lessons in printed out modules, similar to those inside the online platform for online learning users.

Learning modules are printed out by schools, the whole school year will be divided into four quarters. The distribution of the learning modules will be per quarter. Teachers will set up a scheduled manner of picking up of learning modules inside school premises. For those who are not available on the scheduled dates, learning modules can be picked up on other drop-off points such as barangay halls. Aside from the modules, a work plan should also be provided weekly which will guide the students on how to pace with the learning modules.

After every period, activity sheets and workbooks will be sent back to the teacher in school or pre-determined pick-up locations. Distance learning will be strictly observed during these transactions. Teachers must always have their facemask and face shield on them when entertaining parents.