Top 100 universities in India has the go signal to go online starting May 30th

Only the top-100 universities in India are allowed to resume classes via online learning.

Top universities in India can now resume classes

The government has granted access to the top-100 universities in India to accept students for the academic year 2020-2021 starting May 30th, with the condition that it will be completely digital and no physical classes.

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development was tapped by the government to come up with a listing for the universities in India to be allowed to resume operation amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Education should not be hindered by this pandemic, we must find other ways to make learning possible when physical classes aren’t possible.

Distance learning program

The online learning program prepared by the Finance Ministry commonly called one nation, one digital platform,” will provide students in all grade levels with online content and QR-coded learning materials to be used in online learning.

In addition, the ministry also wants to make uses of television and radio airwaves to pass on education lessons for those who do not have access to the internet. The “one class, one channel” program will use a television channel to show lessons for Grades 1 to 12 on a daily schedule.

Visually impaired students were also given attention, for online, a podcast containing their lessons will be given for them to listen to. Students with no internet access can tune in to a community radio station that will be airing class lessons similar to the podcast contents.

The top-100 universities in India are the only ones allowed to conduct online courses and enroll students for the coming academic year.

On top of this, the government will also conduct a psychosocial support and assessment program for students, teachers, and school staff as they ease in themselves for the new academic year.

This pandemic is a physical health issue, but the anxiety and worrisome it brings can affect our mental state which bring us to the Manodarpan program.