Top 5 blockchain courses online preparing the world for future profession

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen significant growth in blockchain courses online, master’s programs, and training conferences.

Universities are launching the programs, and countries are making sure their Tech-savvy youth is educated and has the opportunity to thrive.

Recent studies, articles, newsletters, and announcements made us believe that we could deliver the list of top 5 blockchain courses online:

Princeton University

Princeton University prides itself with being one of the oldest universities in the US and adopting new trends quickly. It was not enough to be the leader in engineering, public policy, and business. Princeton University also adopted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency courses and made it possible to apply on Coursera.

The course has approximately 2000 ratings and a ranking of 4.7. With 336,893 students enrolled, professor Arvind Narayanan pours his heart into educating tech-savvy people online.

RMIT University

On the other side of the world, Australian university RMIT launched blockchain courses online several months ago and became the first university in Australia to offer such a course.

They stated that their course helps prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Stanford University

Some say that the world of today exists thanks to Stanford University. It’s obviously an exaggeration, but it means a lot about how influential Stanford University can be.

The influential university launched its’ online education platform aside from the physical university and now offers blockchain courses online. The program addresses Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledger technologies.

University of Nicosia

Since 1980, Cypress largest university has been fighting to support students and educate them for future professions. The emphasis on digital technology wasn’t enough; the University of Nicosia made headlines when it became one of the first universities to offer a full degree program in blockchain technology.

And as a university, that always steps in the digital innovations, it also became the first university to accept tuition in Bitcoin.

B9Lab Academy

B9Lab is less of a university and college, and more of an institution that fights to provide blockchain education for students who want to develop their skillset.

Besides the certification and blockchain courses online, B9Lab supports companies with adopting blockchain technologies in their business and technical processes.

These are excellent universities and programs to achieve that dream of adding blockchain expertise in your portfolio.