Top 9 in Criminology Licensure exam: First in the family to have a degree and a professional license

A Farmer’s son ranked nine in the Criminology Licensure exam last November 2019.

Hailing from Mindanao

PHILIPPINES – Hailing from Zamboanga del Sur in Mindanao, Adrian S. Mandawe, ranked nine in the most recent Criminology Licensure exam last November 2019.

The 21-year-old graduate from Western Mindanao State University-Pagadian External Studies Unit proved that with perseverance, nothing is impossible.

Adrian came from a family with scarce resources. His father was a farmer tilling for a land which is not theirs, which makes life really hard for the family. Out of seven siblings, Adrian was the sixth, and the only one to earn a college degree.

Now, not only was he the first to have a professional license, but he also got it in a fancy way by ranking number nine in the recent Criminology Licensure exam.

I aimed to get the top 1 spot in the Criminology Licensure Exam

In an interview with Adrian, he said:

When I was taking the exams in Cagayan de Oro last November, one thing was on my mind, aim for the top one spot.

Yes! This guy really has guts. Not only was he aiming to pass, but he was aiming to be top one.

He might not have reached his goal, at least he was part of the top ten of that batch. Just like the saying goes:

Aim small, miss small.

Only 15 days in the review center

Adrian admitted that his family could not afford to take on a full period for the review center. So what he did was to study on his own for 12 hours a day for a good five months.

Just when the licensure exam was getting close, his family just had enough to enroll him for a class review, which is good for 15 days. His five months of self-review was well reciprocated by the 15 days he spent with the review center. The 15-day review cost them around $160 (P8000).

Lacking in a formal review but compensated with the immense hard work made Adrian succeed in passing the Criminology Licensure exam.

I was the first professional in the family, and I want to use this accomplishment to uplift our family’s way of living.

Adrian shared that he didn’t have any vices. He had a strong faith in God and believed that through hard work, sacrifices, and staying in focus on your goals would make achieve what you long for.

Aim high since dreaming is free.