Schools will reopen in September, a tory minister confidently say

A Tory minister is confident that the schools all schools will reopen in September. However, he could not guarantee that other services such as pubs and restaurants will not be shut down depending on the coronavirus situation in the country.

The debate on the safety of reopening schools has dominated news cycles in the UK, with the government insisting that all schools will reopen in September.

Tory minister on school reopening

A Tory minister, Robert Jenrick, today stated that the schools definitely be reopening in September. He reiterated the government’s position by stating that he expected to see all schools reopened and all students returning back to schools.

When asked about closing pubs and restaurants, in case a second wave of coronavirus, he indicated that there was no plan of shutting them down. However, he refused to rule out about shutting them down depending on how the situation unfolds

The Tory minister continued by saying the government was trying to avoid making blanket policies, arguing that each region will require a coordinated effort from local authorities who have a better understanding of the situation they are dealing with. He, however, said that a nationwide shutting down will always be an option, depending on the situation. This will depend on the number of cases being recorded, stating that, if the numbers start rising, they will have no option but to take further actions.

In the same radio interview on Times Radio, he was questioned on the possibility of another national lockdown amidst reports that such a possibility was being discussed. He explained that those were pure rumors and he did not expect a second shutdown. He, however, emphasized on his earlier statement that the government still had the option to take such a path.

Jenrick also said that the government strategy at the moment involved working with local government to minimize the spread of the virus to other parts. He cited the success of the strategy by pointing on the work they had done in Leicester and North West.


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