How trade students are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic

Trade students have been forced to wait out the spread of coronavirus in the US. Implementing online learning for these students has been difficult since their education involves a hand on approach that cannot be conferred through an online class.

The spread of coronavirus and the closure of schools and large gatherings have had severe consequences on trade schools and students. Unlike traditional schools, these schools’ transition to virtual learning has been almost impossible due to their hand on approach in their education.

Trade students affected

For Christa Schall, a student at Aveda Institute in Ohio, the lockdown due to the virus has completely shattered her graduation plans which she was working towards before the virus hit. Her cosmetology course work requires practical work that cannot be taught through Zoom classes.

The solution for her is to wait for the virus out, or until the government allows the schools to reopen so that she can continue with her education. Schall realized that her life would come to a standstill when in March, a directive was given to close down schools and beauty parlors, which she used to practice her skills.

A widespread problem

The Schall situation is not a unique one in the US, over 8.4 million students are currently seeking post-secondary certificates in career and technical education fields. The majority of these trade students cannot continue with their education nor can they learn virtually due to the hands-on approach of their courses.

Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce analysis said the majority of the demographics in this field are black and Hispanic students from low-income backgrounds. This puts a further strain on their financial struggles during the coronavirus pandemic that has already caused more than 36 million Americans to lose their jobs.

There is a glimpse of hope though, in the last few weeks, there has been a significant decline in the number of cases being recorded countrywide. States have also started reopening the economy. If the trend continues, trade students will be returning to schools soon.


Featured image by Pixabay