Trump impeachment update: Calls Democrat party a lawless partisan

As the Trump impeachment case is still ongoing, the President’s party didn’t mince its statement against the Democrat party.

Republicans not taking Trump impeachment seriously

Despite the efforts of the Democrats to pass the Trump impeachment in Congress, they will still face the verdict of a Republican sided Senate.

As the issue about Trump impeachment escalates in the House of Representatives, Republicans warned that the Democrats are trying to stir up a problem between citizens of the US.

According to Bill Johnson, a Republican representing Ohio State,

Today marks the day that Democrats tried to overturn the voice of 63 million Americans who voted for Trump.

 The voting result in the House of Representatives against the Trump impeachment shows how stable the Republican block was towards the President. 

Democrats branded them as followers to an erratic leader known for demanding loyalty but not known for paying it back.

It just shows how obedient this part is when it comes to their President.

As a response, Republicans lashed the newly founded Democratic House majority,

It is just a group standing up for no one, or at best a disembodied elite, which is politically irrelevant that are scattered all across the country.

Trump not holding back

At a campaign rally in Michigan, Trump spoke to the cheering crowd as the impeachment was being counted,

This lawless partisan impeachment complaint is a political suicide march for the Democrat party.

While the impeachment was being announced, Trump was on a political rally insulting a deceased respectable member of the Congress who hails from Michigan.

In the House of Representatives

Steny Hoyer, the Democratic House majority leader, made a bold statement during the session for the impeachment vote.

Republicans are blowing steam off the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump, but, have they forgotten that there were 65 million who voted for Hillary Clinton.

The statement caught an outburst of applause in the session hall.

During the session of impeachment, the Republican party under Trump stood by their belief that Trump hadn’t done anything wrong that would warrant him an impeachment.

On a side note, Republicans do not concern much about voting for impeachment but rather the effect it has on the nation. A subdivided nation poses a threat to the economy, peace, and solidarity.

After the impeachment motion in Congress, Trump was back to work and just recently signed a $250 million funding for the US Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


Feature image by Aljazeera