Trump pushes for school reopening in fall despite opposition

The Trump administration is aggressively pressuring school reopening in fall, as cases of coronavirus continue to rise across the country. With the country now recording an average of over 50,000 cases a day, President Trump said young people were not being severely affected by the virus and were handling the virus extraordinarily well.

While speaking at a select group of education stakeholders at the White House, he said he was in the process of putting more pressure on governors, school districts, and everyone else involved in order to reopen schools in the fall. He indicated that reopening of schools was important for the country, and also addressed the well being of the students who are now at home, saying it would greatly improve once the return back to school.

Trump gives political angle against school reopening

In his Twitter account, the President continued pushing for school reopening by firstly claiming that his Opponent, Joe Biden, did not want schools to reopen for political reasons. He said his opponent was betting on the schools not reopening in fall as they would hurt his chances of being reelected as the President again.

In another tweet, the president continued to attack those who were making it difficult for schools reopening, and this time he targeted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He called CDC for putting guidelines which he termed as unrealistic and would lead to further delays in school reopenings, declaring that he disagreed with such a move. He also indicated he would be holding a meeting with the CDC to discuss about the new guidelines released for school reopenings.

Trump threatens federal school funding cut for non-school opening

Trump also compared the US with other countries such as Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which had already reopened schools. He said these countries had reopened schools with no problems and it was all a political move by the Democratic Party to keep the schools closed. Trump felt this would make him look bad, which would be bad for his reelection. In the tweet, he also threatened to cut federal school funding for schools and states which would not reopen in the fall.

Some states, such as Florida, have already indicated that they will be willing to follow President Trump’s guidelines and have already started the process of reopening school. The Florida governor, amidst rising cases of the virus, indicated that all schools should reopen in the fall for face to face classes.