Turkey attracts an amazing number of international students in higher education

Over the past several years, Turkey has invested heavily in developing international programs in universities. This effort has been recognized as more and more international students chose to pursue their higher education in the country. 

Most of the focus of the government and Turkish universities falls on developing international research programs and exchange courses. 

During the past several decades, a new trend has emerged in higher education. While the tendency before was for students to seek universities in the west, for the past several years, more young adults have turned to eastern countries like Turkey, South Korea, and Australia. 

Students all over the world are taking advantage of the globalization of education, as more international programs become available. According to a UNESCO report, in 2014 there were about four million international students, and the expected number for 2019 is more than six million. 

Turkey and international higher education

Students are increasingly taking advantage of the improvements in international programs for higher education. Turkey is not the only country preparing for the influx of international students. According to recent data, Japan is also looking into ways to better accomodate the rising number of international young adults joining higher education in the country.

What Turkey is doing to attract so many students is the government invests in developing courses in foreign languages like English, and not only in Turkish. Istanbul is the home of one of the best-recognized Turkish universities, which focus on international education – the Altinbas University. What makes the university so successful and popular among international students is the fact that it is based in a vibrant city, housing is available for all students, and there are more than a hundred programs to chose from.