UCAS Clearing 2019 focuses on students from deprived areas

Some of the major universities in the United Kingdom have announced Clearing positions for students from the most deprived areas in the country. Among them is the University of Cambridge, which enters the clearing admissions for the first time this year.

The University of Edinburgh has also announced Clearing places; however, they will be dedicated only to students from a more impoverished background.

This decision from some of the major higher education institutions in the country comes after sharp public criticism. According to many faculty members, families, and officials, the Scottish government is not doing enough to bridge the gap between students from different socio-economic backgrounds.

This year’s Clearing process will be different from last year’s as the generation born in the 2000s was fewer in numbers. This means that universities will be looking to fill available spaces, and more opportunities will be open during the clearing process.

UCAS Clearing

The UCAS Clearing process is the last chance for students to secure a place in a higher education institution before the start of the school year. Often, universities lower their entrance requirements to fill any remaining spots for different courses in numerous departments.

While it is a bit risky to wait until the Clearing process starts, many students find that their chances of getting into a better university higher during this acceptance window. 

The fact that even the University of Cambridge has decided to enter UCAS Clearing means that there are significantly fewer candidates to start studying in 2019. Consequently, many spaces have remained vacant, and universities are looking to fill them to have complete classes.