UCU strike: Students asking for US$ 5 million in refunds for their missed lectures

In the coming days, the United Kingdom will see the members of the University and College Union (UCU) going for a strike for 8 consecutive days across 60 states spread over different states. The UCU strike is a result of tensions and disputes over the pensions and working conditions of the college staff. As soon as the strike was announced, students across the country have asked for a refund for their lost class time.

In the past, a lot of students were reimbursed over their missed learning hours by the institutions that were affected by the strikes. Now there are students who pay almost US$ 12,000 every year for their tuition fees. Seeing their studies get interrupted frequently due to these events, they are actively working to get themselves reimbursed.

Bangor University’s students have demanded more than US$ 5 million for the compensation of their lost time. According to the calculations, each student is supposed to lose almost US$ 500 as a result of the UCU strike.

UCU strike and demands

The UCU strike will be for 8 days and post that, they will strictly work as per the terms of the contract. They won’t work overtime or cover for someone else’s shift. They have even refused to reschedule the lectures that won’t take place due to the strikes.

Students, on the other hand, feel that if the universities wish to make a business out of education, then so be it. But as in every business, if the customers don’t get what they ordered for, they are liable to get a refund.

According to the new pension scheme rolled out, staff members would need to put in more than US$ 50,000 and at the time of retirement, they would receive US$ 250,000 less than the earlier amount proposed.

The UCU members are delighted with the students who are pressurizing the universities and asking rightfully for their refund. Students are already unhappy with their massive tuition fees and missed lectures. They are more agitated after universities’ underpaying their staff.


Featured image from Pixabay