Uganda Health Minister recommends compulsory sports classes

The Uganda Health Minister, Dr. Jane Aceng, has expressed concerns about the overall health of young adults and children, as physical education is not yet mandatory for school curriculums in the country.

During a press conference at the Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday, Dr. Aceng emphasized the importance of sports classes for the betterment of overall health among students. According to her, physical education classes should become a crucial part of school curriculums, in an attempt to increase physical activity among the comunity. 

As it turns out, physical education is not a problem of the British education system exclusively. 

Sport for better health

Dr. Aceng, a specialist in non-communicable diseases, has explained that one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system of young adults is through a sufficient amount of physical activity daily. According to her, the best way to achieve a better physical shape among students is through mandatory sports classes.

To support the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health is currently working on outlining the National Physical Activity guidelines. These will give the educational system an idea about the daily physical activity children need to stay healthy. 

According to research by the World Health Organisation, thirty minutes of intense physical activity is a good starting point for adults; however, for children, the optimal training time is about an hour.  

Dr. Aceng also stated that while the Ministry of Health is directing a lot of its efforts towards promoting physical activity among children, this is a responsibility of all departments, and most importantly the Ministry of Education. Of course, parents also play a significant role in encouraging their children to be active to stay healthy.