UK EdTech company raises $14 million, revolutionizing higher education?

Jolt, a UK Edtech company, has raised $14 million, which it says will help it in revolutionizing the education system. The investment will be used to improve their education delivery for higher education.

An investment of $14 million to Jolt by Balderton Capital, brings the total amount invested in the company to $23 million. The edtech company is revolutionalizing on delivering alternatives to Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

The growth of the UK EdTech company

The company was started in 2015 by entrepreneurs Roei Deutsch, Nitzan Cohen-Arazi and Nadav Leshem. The entrepreneurs were disappointed by the scene of higher education fees and decided to create a solution. They created a live video platform for training students to attain their education in 2016.

A year later, they were able to open their first campus in Tel-Aviv. They have since opened many campuses around the world. In each of these campuses, they provided high-end live video lessons and workshops that are run by the very best global business like Netflix, Tesla, and Google.

They have also opened three sites in London, Shoreditch, Soho and Liverpool Street, seven in Israel and are still working hard on opening new campuses around the world. They already made an announcement they will be opening a new campus in Manhattan this year.

All-round curriculum offer for upskilling

Jolt now boasts of being one of the biggest MBA campuses in London, having acquired more students than the London School of Business. The UK EdTech company is also enjoying a significant growth with a twenty-five (25) percent increase in the number of enrolled students month on month.

Liat Shtainberg, Head of People Strategy at MagicLab, while talking about Jolt said,

The pricing model works well for working professionals as you can freeze your account for a minimal amount if you’re away for a long time or have a particularly busy time at work and the range of courses is quite incredible, whether it’s marketing, finance, product, and personal growth.

The UK EdTech company offers an all-round curriculum for those running a startup or needing an upskill for new jobs.

The company growth is expected to continue, and with the new investments, they will be able to open new markets around the world. They are also making education cheaper and making it accessible to everyone.


Featured image by Pixabay