UK universities terms move for a complete shutdown due to Covid 19 impossible

The rising cases of Covid 19 have resulted in a suggestion of a complete shut down of UK universities. These suggestions, however, have been squashed by university chancellors who argued that most students will face problems if they decide to shut the institutions down.

UK university chancellors have come together to highlight the difficulties over plans to completely shut down universities over fears of spreading Coronavirus. They described the move as impossible and would have severe consequences for students enrolled in these universities.

Problems for shutting down UK universities

The chancellors highlighted that many students would have nowhere to go should such a decision be implemented. Among factors cited were that some students are estranged from their families and the only residence they have is the universities. The plight of international students was also highlighted as a major concern if such a move were to be taken.

It was noted that the majority of international students are heavily reliant on university residencies. An abrupt disruption of school schedules, therefore, would have immediate consequences on these students, who would be forced to look for somewhere else to live.

approaches being taken by different universities

The approach being taken by the UK universities, however, is in contrast with measures being taken by other universities around the world. Harvard University in the US has already told its students to move out of the university’s residence. They also sent a statement stating that all classes will now be online as a way to combat the coronavirus.

The UK universities such as Oxford University, however, have quelled the fears by citing a report by Public Health England. The report said Covid 19 did not pose a significant risk that would result in the total shut down of the university. This was after two Oxford University students tested positive for the virus.

The UK government is continuing to fight against the spread of the virus amid rising cases. So far, the UK has registered more than 460 cases. There have also been six deaths in the country as a result of the virus.


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