Government announces stunning Ukrainian Institute for the Development of Education

In a recent announcement by the Ukrainian government, it was revealed that the country would soon be able to benefit from a Ukrainian Institute for the Development of Education. The main goal of the institute will be to seek and develop solutions for improving secondary education across the country.

The establishment of this institute is part of a country-wide program called “New Ukrainian School” which will aim to completely makeover the educational system in Ukraine by 2029. The institute will be responsible for making sure that adopted standards and regulations are kept up across all secondary schools. 

Other than a regulatory function, the institute will also aim to create new and improved policies and programs, so students receive a higher quality education, while pressure is taken off from faculty.

Ukrainian education development

According to an OECD report released in 2017, Ukraine is moving forward in terms of education development. The foundation of the Institute for the Development of Education is another example of the forward-thinking policies the government is adopting when it comes to the educational system.

The OECD report also details several vital points that need to be addressed, as they present problems with the quality of education in the country. One of the main concerns for OECD is that a large amount of textbook publishing in Ukraine is somewhat corrupt, and serves the goals of a limited number of individuals. 

Another significant point in the report was the fact that there are many corrupt practices in higher education admissions bureaus in Ukraine. According to the OECD, these practices should be investigated and eradicated, as they compromise the quality of higher education in the country.