Unions call for support to tackle increasing number of suspensions

Teachers’ unions in the Rotherham area have called for more support for faculty members, as the number of student suspensions increases. 

According to statistics from local schools, during the previous school year, more than three thousand students (3600) were on temporary or permanent exclusion from school. Teachers in the  Rotherham area have been noticing a worrying trend of increase in the number of children who misbehave during classes. 

To battle this problem, unions have expressed their concerns and are waiting for the governments’ reaction on the matter. 

According to statistics by the Department of Education, the main reasons for student exclusions in the United Kingdom are verbal abuse and physical altercations among classmates. 

Teacher unions are looking after faculty members

Teacher unions are the non-governmental body, which is looking after the needs and expectations of teachers across the United Kingdom. In recent weeks they have been increasingly active in voicing their concerns regarding numerous problems in the educational system in the country.

One of the recent complaints by unions was about the lowering of passing thresholds for Higher maths classes. According to teachers, this will lower the quality of education students receive during their highschool education. 

The current call to action is related to yet another worrying statistic. According to government figures, the number of suspensions from classes has risen by more than two hundred over the 2017-2018 school year. This is a worrying trend, which is why teacher unions are looking into ways to support faculty members and to allow them to deal with escalations easily and more effectively.