Universities warned against misleading marketing campaigns

Gavin has stated that he will be implementing policies to curb misleading marketing campaigns that are giving false hopes and opportunities. The universities are doing this to increase the number of students in their universities not out of goodwill for the students.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has urged universities to stop marketing their schools with misleading messages and selling false hope and great opportunity ahead whereas they know they are lying. This sentiment comes after what he has called misrepresentation of courses that lack ‘academic-vigor’.

Effects of misleading marketing campaigns on future generations

He added that universities should stop selling these degrees to students arguing that students have invested their time, money and effort in investing in education. Therefore, they should be respected by the education stakeholders and be defended when they get entrapped in misleading marketing strategies by these universities.

Gavin has said that he is committed to overhauling the education system, together with misleading marketing during his tenure as Education Secretary. He has promised a Singaporian-style revolution when it comes to vocational and technical courses. This will help in addressing the 50 percent of the students who are not making it into universities.

Gavin is quoted as saying,

It’s children like those who went to school and college with me, they are the ones who are often most vulnerable to being mis-sold courses and mis-sold hope. And there is a number of universities that are just not delivering for them. We can stop it and we will stop it.

Gavin’s expanded policy support

Gavin continued by outlining some of his core beliefs he is trying to implement in the education department. Some of the ideas that he will be backing are;

  • Opposition to unconditional offers from universities enticing students to join their schools.
  • An increase to over £14billion of school funding to help schools stay open longer, especially on Fridays.
  • Support teachers in expelling students who misbehave as the right step because one unruly student ends up denying the other 29 students in a classroom

Gavin said that he is committed to protecting the poor, vulnerable and naive students from falling into this malpractice. He is optimistic about the future and his commitment to education matters gives him hope of a better future.