University of Toledo secures $7.4 million grant to develop better solar panels

The University of Toledo has received more than seven million dollars (USD 7.4 million) from the United States Air Force, to develop lighter and more efficient solar panels. 

The higher education institution is well known for its science department, which specializes predominantly in developing eco-friendly and efficient power alternatives like solar panels. 

The goal is for the university to develop new solar cells, which can later be deployed with satellites, and used to power them while they are in orbit. Another possible use for the future solar panels will be to serve as an alternative power source for army jets. 

University of Toledo bets on science

Amongst increased concerns about Global Warming and climate change, the University of Toledo is looking to be proactive and develop efficient power sources, which do not harm the environment.

The seven million dollars (USD 7.4 million) grant will boost the university’s research and development program. Thus, more students will be able to join the program and contribute their input to the project. 

According to representatives from the physics department at the university, the grant will be divided among eight faculty members. Each of them will have the opportunity to invite graduate students to help them in their work. This means that the grant will support the scientific research and development work of more than sixty people, over the course of five years.

This investment will both fulfill the needs of the United States Army, and the research process at the University of Toledo. Such initiatives are a great way to boost the development of science classes and subjects in higher education.